Faithful to the Spirit

St Basil's Day Conference  中文资讯

St Basil's Day Conference is a bi-annual event honouring the legacy of Artamon Anglican's namesake figure Basil of Caesaria. Basil is known in early church history for his instrumental role in the defense of the divinity of the Spirit. This conference seeks to continue that legacy in calling Christians to stay true and faithful to the Spirit.

In this inaugural year of the conference, we have invited the previous Dean of Sydney Phillip Jensen to deliver 3 talks on 'Spiritual Perception' from the opening chapters of Revelations. There will also be many opportunities to converse and fellowship with one another on the day.

  • Date: Saturday 21st of July, 2018
  • Time: 9:30am-3:00pm
  • Cost: $20 per adult, includes lunch
  • (additional lunch can be ordered for children)